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148.58 days — Nice day

Created: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
00:42:38 UTC
Last modified: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
01:58:38 UTC

At least 148.58 days, or 4 months, 28 days 13 hours 51 minutes of Hope remaining...

Saturday, I got to hang out with my 16 year-old niece for the second time ever; I found out she existed 5 years ago when she was 11, and now she's 5'11" and towers over me :O I hung out with my 13 yr-old (14 in 20 days :) nephew Jared for about 3 hours. While all the old ones were puckering about downstairs, we were upstairs watching Jackass The Movie *much* to his mother's delight, lol. We finished discussing God and philosophy which I thought was *insanely* cool. he and I have more in common than any other family member, it's insane. Who else prefers books to socializing?!

Attached is a picture of other niece :-)

I took this Sunday. Blaire is just ... awesome!