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147.69 days — Real Matrix for Animals :-/

Created: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
21:57:32 UTC

At least 147.69 days, or 4 months, 27 days 16 hours 38 minutes of Hope remaining...

As reported over at Wired News today:

Future technologies, though, could yield fruit. For example, some theorists have floated a Matrix-like scenario that would use direct stimulation of the brain to fool livestock about the reality of their living conditions.

"To offset the cruelty of factory-farming, routine implants of smart microchips in the pleasure centers may be feasible," says David Pearce, associate editor of the Journal of Evolution and Technology. "Since there is no physiological tolerance to pure pleasure, factory-farmed animals could lead a lifetime of pure bliss instead of misery. Unnatural? Yes, but so is factory farming. Immoral? No, certainly not compared to the terrible suffering we inflict on factory-farmed animals today."

This is so horribly wrong on every single level! Contrary to popular belief, a cow's brain is virtually identical to a human's. Indeed, the only real advantage we have is our ability to "think outside of the past" by use of just 1.5 cm of frontal lobe tissue. We can be in The Now more than other animals who are just "in the past" or "in the future" at any given time. Your dog can't sit there and enjoy just "being" nearly as much as a human can, and it is doubtful he can imagine talking to himself. Both tend to be things humans have to work at in order to develop the habbit.

No. If this is a bonafide "ethical" solution to "factory farming" then why don't they just slap one of those on me after the next presidential election? I can then pretend my vote counted: every time I look at the president it won't be a tyrant but someone like Alex Jones. Hell, it'd only be a matter of time before lonely people don these interfaces every night before bed :-/ Let's just go kill ourselves if this becomes widespread, as all impetus for personal, private, public, social, and even environmental evolution gets thrown out the window.

Without personal/social evolution, what is Life? Consumerism and Death.

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