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Enter Amerika — RealID Now Law

Created: Thursday, May 12th, 2005
15:30:35 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, May 12th, 2005
15:36:35 UTC

Boy, the noosphere is *really* aflame with the news today that the RealID was passed with absolutely zero dissent from our glorious Senators. I just quote what I've said previously in IRC today:

hope-work> It's the fucking end of ameria
hope-work> america
hope-work> yesterday w/ 0 opposiing votes, the senate approved the RealID initiative
hope-work> it creates a national id card that stores all of your personal information
hope-work> and has an RFID tracker
hope-work> so they can tell where you are any given time of day
hope-work> the legislation makes it *illegal* to be in public without it
hope-work> you cannot do the following without one:

hope-work> a) Buy guns
hope-work> b) Buy ammo
hope-work> c) Drive a car
hope-work> d) Fly in a plane
hope-work> e) Retire and collect Social Security
hope-work> f) Ride a fucking bus
hope-work> g) Pass military checkpoints between the 50 states
hope-work> You will be fined $250 and possibly arrested if you are caught without one in public
hope-work> Even if that is your only crime.
hope-work> It has a barcode that is wired ot federal databases
hope-work> it will instantly store your arrests, hospitalizations, tickets, gun purchases and could *easily* be extended to monitor *every*thing* you buy
hope-work> MAKE NO MISTAKE!
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hope-work> The Jews for Fire ARms Organization has stated publically 20 minutes ago that this is *worse* than Hitler and Stalin, that NO ONE should settle, that this should be the "veritable line in th esand" and that violence at this point is almost a necessity as the entire apparatus of executive, judicial, and legislative has totally sold us out
hope-work> I've also read an article that instructed Jews that aren't willing ot resist, possibly violently, should flee America immediately, before the March 2007 activation of the system.

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