A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

New host is awesome!!

Created: Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
02:18:42 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, May 19th, 2005
18:54:42 UTC

[21:16] <HopeSeekr> so there was some DNS weird shit going down w/ [this site]. [21:16] <HopeSeekr> and i'm going, wow that's weird...it keeps pointing to a new ip every five minutes! But never going down :o [21:16] <HopeSeekr> i call up tech support..live AMERICANS open until 11pm my time (OMFG!!!) [21:16] <HopeSeekr> they say, "Ya, we're suffering from three websites experiencing massive loads" [21:17] <HopeSeekr> O? [21:17] <HopeSeekr> "Ya, one of our servers was slashdotted and the others are suffering dos attacks... you wouldn't believe how much bandwidth teh slashdotted one took up!" [21:17] <HopeSeekr> How much? [21:17] <HopeSeekr> "75 GB / hour" [21:17] <HopeSeekr> And you guys coped?! [21:17] <HopeSeekr> "Ya, but we've been diverting traffic across several class-a subnets all day!" [21:18] <HopeSeekr> No wonder IPs keep changing! [21:18] <HopeSeekr> "Yep!"

I am duly impressed!