A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

L'art de la Vie (The Art of Living)

Created: Saturday, April 23rd, 2005
01:16:54 UTC
Last modified: Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
20:54:54 UTC
Dedicated to Her (whomever she turns out to be)
Love, Ted 13 April 2005

Devotion: Aka True Love: Being there when it hurts. When it ruins your life, Never regretting.

The woman you've never kissed; Dying a senseless death, Before you could propose; Adopting her sons as your own.

Falling: The eventual Fate Of every life worth living. Losing everything — imprisoned; In the desperation of the Now.

Fear: The unrequitted lover of Life. Love without Fear is empty. Devotion is fearing for the Other More than One's self.

Longing: All Your plans destroyed; Aching for Your Love continually. The sum of Your searchings Personified; Reaching for Her, just Her, forever.

Surrender: Capitulating to Fate, Believing every experience is Good. Having no regrets for past evils suffered. Knowing acceptance cultivates Hope.

Hope: The greatest mindset of all; Bedrock of Faith, Love, Inspiration and Devotion. Fear cowers before it; Hate seethes in defeat.

Dreams: Dreaming of Her Continuously; How She is Your student, Your confidant, Your friend. Knowing the world will be rocked, While She stands by Your side.

Behind every great man there's a great woman. -Source Unknown