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Super String of Synchronicities

Created: Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
20:10:11 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
22:55:11 UTC

These books are all awesome. Here's a quote by David Icke's newest Infinite Love. Be *sure* to read more for the awesome string of synchronicities that brought me to this book.

People keep doing what the government dictatorships tell them to do, without question or challenge, and perpetuate the illusion that they have free choice by never making one. "Having my wings stuck to this web suits me fine because I am choosing not to fly." I have met so many people over the years who thought they were free until they did something that was outside the "norm". And big reality check followed because, to quote the great American comedian, Bill Hicks: "You are free to do as we tell you." [CoBEn2000: the free speech zones, LOL] As the Orwellian global state emerges rapidly from the shadows, this self-deception about a "free world" is becoming far more difficult to sustain."

Yesterday I felt compelled to get a haircut, which is a strange feeling that occurs every 6 months or so. I went to my local barber and synchronicity #1 occurred: Even though it was 6:25 PM it was locked up, although all its lights were on and the sign said it closed at 7. I then felt compelled to travel to Bay Area (20mi southwest) and once there, compelled to go to the Barnes and Nobel's which I hadn't visited in many many months.

I then realized that all my synchroniticies of that day were leading me to that store, specifically the back left of it. Following my intuition I stumble upon the New Age / Spirituality section, in a totally different place since the last time I found it — synchronicity #2. My eyes zone onto an out-of-place book on top of the shelf. Time and time again these books are synchronous in and of themselves. It was by a Dr. Targ. I then find a brand-new David Icke book, Infinite Love is the Only Truth; Everything Else is Illusion, dated April 2005. I proceed to the checkout line.

After waiting behind three people, all of the cashiers mysteriously leave and I wait first in line for about a minute when I'm struck that this in and of itself was synchroniticy #3. I proceed back to the New Age section and am drawn to the book "Conscious Evolution." I am still pressed by intuition that this is "not all". I read the About the Author section and the last page is "Other books you should consider". Synchronicity #4: The other book is "The Limitless Mind" (I think) by — none other than — Dr. Targ of the first book. This is his latest on Remote Viewing — a long-term goal of mine, ever since December 2003.

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