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My Confirmed Premonition

Created: Thursday, May 19th, 2005
19:49:35 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, May 19th, 2005
19:55:35 UTC

So, this morning after I had gotten out of the shower I had this intuition — out of no where — "Man, wouldn't it be great if I could put advertistements in RSS feeds?! I mean, there's not a single RSS aggregator that filters for SPAM yet, and people couldn't 'block' them without losing access to your content.

Well, today it was announced that Google has started delivering AdSense into RSS feeds :o

If that incredible synchronicity doesn't knock you down like it did me, lol!

My life has been *so* full of synchronicities since March it's unreal! I can only hope Crefn is experiencing just as many; I know I'm on the right path :-)