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Line in the Sand? Where is Yours?

Created: Saturday, May 21st, 2005
12:28:13 UTC
Last modified: Saturday, May 21st, 2005
13:01:13 UTC

Fascism. The encroaching kind.

Do you go along to get along (Like an enabler of abuse)? Do you go along for minimial interruption (Motto of 1930's Germanic Jews)? Do you fanatically believe that you will be "raptured" up, miss every thing, and not give a damn about your 'left-behind' brethren? (Like the Pre-Millennialist 1940's Germanic pastors)?

The question is, when will you say, "Enough is enough!" and start passively resisting by mobalizing with others and simply *NOT*DOING* what you are told? Haven't thought of this yet? I'm the only one of my friends who has. You *need* to. Your line will be crossed if many of us do not do this *now*!

Chances are, any line you could possibly set — no matter how low — *will* be crossed by the United States government, and much sooner rather than later. For me, my personal lines in the sand have *both* entered the chambers of Congress in recent months/years; both of them have already been passed and merely wait to be enacted: The Real ID Initiative. The second is the draft: Stop the Draft Before the Draft Stops You!

As my friends like to joke about, I will be among the first to be publically excuted in the to-be-made-public dictatorship, so I have the most to lose than any of them. We already live in a dictatorship. Don't believe me? Do some thing outside of the norm, especially some thing dramatically selfless for your lover. You'll be arrested and charged with the most outright crazy crimes; I was, and they used the damn Patriot Act on my ass. That's how they could — legally — keep food away from me for 2 days, locked in a damn 3x4 foot (1x1.1m) *supply*closet*, which they had to spend 10 minutes digging boxes out of just so they could cram me in there.

O, and are you physically weaker than the most hardened criminal? Do you wear glasses? Be sure to read my next post.

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