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Lots of New DVDs :-)

Created: Saturday, May 21st, 2005
18:10:12 UTC
Last modified: Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
02:18:12 UTC

Months before I signed up for Blockbuster's unlimited monthly rentals in January 2005 I had stopped buying DVDs. In fact, I cannot recall buying a single DVD in all of 2004; I know I only rented five videos max in 2004, all after September. Today, I think I made up for it.

I have played Starcraft either by myself or on PvPGN servers since 1996. But I have never owned a valid CD Key, until now. When I went to Best Buy they had this huge cart full of DVDs for $4 each! This is what I bought:

Update: Addded 4 more :o

  1. Evolution — David Duchovny + Orlando Jones + Julianne Moore.

  2. What Dreams May Come — True love in the afterlife; My second all-time favorite movie. Robin Williams + Cuba Gooding, Jr. + Annabella Sciorra

  3. The Life of David Gale — Kevin Spacey + Kate Winslet; fifth favorite movie.

  4. Sneakers — First movie about hackers

  5. Hackers — Angelina Jolie's first real movie :-)

  6. Street Fighter — Always wanted this one, never could find.

  7. Dark City — Jennifer Connelly(!!); dark Sci-Fi.

  8. City Hall — Al Pacino + John Cusack + Bridget Fonda. (1 star for the actors; script sucked).

  9. Diabolique — Sharon Stone + Kathy Bates + Isabelle Adjani.

  10. Apt Pupil — Great story of a psycho Neo-Nazi 16 yr-old.

  11. Frailty — Bill Paxton + Matthew McConaughey are demon killers :o

  12. Kiss the Girls — Morgan Freeman + Ashley Judd.

At $40 $64 total, I think that's a steal!

I originally thought that Crefn had bought Kiss the Girls with me at the used bookstore during the best week of my life; but upon searching my collection, it turned out to be Along Came a Spider, also starring Morgan Freeman. Man! One week of being with her, and still the effects ripple :o

One thing is for sure, I would never ever ever ever ever [sic] undergo any thing similiar to the procedure in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; which is my all-time favorite movie!