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One-way Telepathy?

Created: Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
19:37:41 UTC
Last modified: Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
19:54:41 UTC

Have you ever felt connected to some one? Has your body ever responded to their general seasonal emotional orientation? Do you think about them and they call? Are you physically and emotionally affected by just being in a house that has a history of negativity? Would you consider yourself an empath?

What if you had more concrete examples? What if one person you cared about thought about things, went to different places, moments, hours or days before you — unknowingly — did the same? What if the same happened in reverse? E.g. you both seem to have a connection. Can such two-way or even unidirectional forms of telepathy be caused by only one person? I don't know.

All I know is that I have fairly strong psychic bonds with my mom, sister, Nick, and my nephew — in that order. I know when the phone rings whether its my mom or not. Then there's the several knock-down telepathic synchronicities Nick and I have had.

I don't think it makes much sense for two people to have continuous near-telepathic synchronicities recurringly just because *one* of them has tried to cultivate a connection with the other. I mean I've had some really crazy telepathic bonds with people but at the time it is always with those that I believe love me (Nick, Mom, Crefn, etc.) This only came in to question exceedingly recently and I merely backburner it every time except now and refocus on the Now...because it really doesn't matter *NOW*, nor will it for some time yet. No, I still firmly believe that it takes *two* consenting sentient creatures for there to be even a unidirectional pyshic link; and I believe it takes a great deal of love between the two as well.

My life is firm evidence that one's supraconsciousness conspires with one's subconscious in order to direct one's — sometimes/generally obstinate — consciousness in the Right Direction in a conspiratorial fashion: E.g. the synchronicities and telepathic events are "merely" psychic manifestions — from our own creative divinity — onto the Metaverse's holographic implicate order. E.g. the frequency and severity of sychronicities represent the level of unity between one's supra, sub, and conscious minds; and the more they are united the more one recognizes (and utilizes!!) their divine attributes: in a nutshell, their co-creative tendencies. Thus the level of synchronicities displays how much one is fulfilling one's destiny. And they also are guides as to what is valuable and worth seeking in Life as well.

Follow your synchronicities; reach your Destiny.

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Oops...I missed posting yesterday. I was busy all night over at Paul's with Nick trying to install Starcraft on a damn MacOS X. We're hopefully going to do so again tonight.

BTW isn't this an insightful blog?! I mean gee.