A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

Very Crazy Dream

Created: Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
16:17:05 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
16:13:05 UTC

Last night I had — by far — the most lucid (seemingly) telepathic experience of my entire life. For approximately 6 hours last night, I communicated with some one I haven't spoken to in a couple years. It was surreal. I was just insanely enjoying (as was my companion) the dreamscape as it was every thing I want the world to be like.

The dream was crazy. It was an alternate world and I had gotten there via a Sliders timer. I dont' know how but this person and their father ended up in the same 'bus' as me (i had already been rescued from a sinking boat), along with about 20 other people. It was a tour bus and our guide was welcoming us to the city. No one but my chance-companion knew we were from another dimension.

The society had forked from our history at around the time of Van Gogh. There had been no world wars, society had embraced the Enlightenment and had overthrown the monarchies and usurious bankers centuries before. The tour guide, a handsome guy ~28ish, told us many things about the society, such as

The Person was intrigued that there was no United Nations, or similiar. The guide explained that there was no such thing as nation either. S/he acted appalled asking how war could be avoided. He said that there were many pockets of ongoing conflict, but their populations kept getting smaller and smaller and would either resolve their conflicts through mutual peace or mutual destruction. In order to keep conflicts from escalating, all bordering principalities either became vassals of the powers or actively blockaded warzones from the outside world. When s/he reacted to the perceived barbarity of blocking food and stuff, the guide responded that it is better for a few thousand to try to escape their warlords or let the hate die with them than to risk all-out regional conflict.

— Now that I've been distracted for 20 minutes ... —

Basically, the first hour of the dream I was by myself, and I met my friend later. They were a bit more lucid than me, however, as they became quite frustrated when I wouldn't talk with them, repeating over and over across the dream "No it's illegal!" Yet, every now and then I would sneak over to them and whisper into their ear. I'm pretty sure I told them how I felt wrt them.

Right after this exchange, they disappeared from my dream, I saw little reason to tarry any longer, and woke up an hour uncharacteritsically early. The time was 7:17 AM CDT when I emerged from an inspiring night. I really wouldn't mind having more of these as it was one of the happiest moments of my year; if only it were true :-/ Whether their consciousness has caught up to thier superconsciousness I do not know. I still think they care for me and that gives me some hope in a joint future, no matter how remote that seems at times.

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