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Emergency Lights

Created: Monday, May 30th, 2005
17:54:51 UTC
Last modified: Monday, May 30th, 2005
17:53:51 UTC

Last nihgt I was having to travel ~5mph in a torrential storm. In order to make my presence more visible — visibility being something I ached for — I turned on my emergency blinkers while still on the highway.

6:45 AM the phone rings, jarring me from a very lucid and strange dream. It felt like I teleported — I don't remember running — and ended up 150 feet away in the kitchen, clutching the phone on what registered, to me, as the second ring. It was Conny, the neighbor across the street. "Teddy, your emergency blinkers are on." How soon had I answered the phone? She said the 2nd ring.

I still dno't know how I awoke from a deep sleep, ran over to the phone in a heart beat, didn't remember moving, and answered it one ring later. Usually takes four or five. I realize my sentient + divine powers have *exploded* in 2005 — to the point where I can sense what the people I love are seeing and hearing (this is strange), but still. It's like those dreams where I *know* I am hovering over the ground and yet no one else can...

ANYWAY! My emeregncy lights had been on some 8 hours. I turned them off, went back to bed [the couch], woke up at 10AM, and my car started just fine. I took Reilly around the neighborhood, watched A Beautiful Mind, consecutively played 2 1/2 hours of starcraft, read about the Google PageRank disappearance, and that has been my day thus far.

Now I start laundry.

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