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Preparations for a Non-Event

Created: Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
02:18:15 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
02:35:15 UTC

I'm absolutely ready to waste several hundred dollars for a Thanksgiving retreat. Waste? Me? How do you mean?

O, just on some thing for some one else that I don't even think I *can* actually transfer to their name. Some thing that I would be totally shocked if they used and even more shocked if they were even still my friend. Yet I've come this far, might as well give them a final salvo to finish off any hope I had in them :-)

I'm talking about...a plane ticket out of the country, probably to Mexico. If they wanted they could call me and I would fly down there myself. So I would need two tickets on two different planes. at least my vacation is set in stone :-) Warm, tropical beach. I'll just convince myself $800 was worth it. And it will be, I think.

Still, post-9/11 I don't believe you can buy airplane tickets for some one else, so *hopefully* an airliner has a gift certificate. I wouldn't mind them going to Spain or something nearly as much as putting $400 down on a car payment, lol. Still, if i must send hard cash, I guess the likely scenarios is that it will turn into a sort of severence package; a tying up of loose ends. Of things given and never fully used.

I have a feeling 1 or more people have been reading this website frequently just for this sort of information; probably with mal-intent. Then again, I've realized since 03 that my gut is normally right and if you think they're cheating on you they are, even if you have faith that they aren't (remember Tristan?) I *never* saw the "scars" I was willing to give my life to prevent from spreading even when she tried to show them.