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Fight Defeatist Attitudes

Created: Friday, June 3rd, 2005
00:16:14 UTC
Last modified: Friday, June 3rd, 2005
00:24:14 UTC

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Marky373 wrote:

Even if we break free from tyranny, suppression, and this cycle what is there to go to? If a conspiracy can run this deep, then what do we have to look forward to? I belive, but at what point has a sacrifice become useless?

No no no no no no no no!

Excuse me, but this futuristic defeatist mentality is exactly what keeps so many people enslaved! Nothing personal, but this is a clear manifestation of one of the primary memes inherent in enslaved populaces. It's what kept freed black people on plantantions almost a century after being "freed"! Slavery primarily depends on a programmed mindset. One can never be 'forced' to remain a slave, just look at Frederick Douglass.

Let's not dwell on non-existant problems that may be caused by our victory. There's too much left to be worried about that! Let's focus on who we are and what we should do. Look in the mirror for 5 minutes every day, and continually ask yourself out loud, "Who am I?"

In my short 23 years of life I have stumbled upon some great insights, some as recent as a few weeks ago: There is a Trinity, but not what you're taught in Sunday School. The trinity is God[dess]-Life-Existence. All three are a) alive, b) universal, c) evolving, etc. One of the primary purposes of Life is to answer the Question. What is the Question? Life is still trying to figure that one out! With questioning comes searching, effication, innovation, joy, and the possibility of reward.

Finally, try to purge the word "reality" from your diction. A far more precise and cognizant description of What Is I have labelled the Recurrent Actuality. Existence is actual and it is recurrent, constantly. Life could end in any second. To take it a step further, consider the Dark City scenario: What if your thoughts were 'given' to you the second before now and you were meticuously arranged by Maxwell's "Mischevous Demon" into your current setting and activity. Would you know that the switch had been made? Probably not, unless something was "off"; and that is similiar to how all of us 'woken up' people are before we realize what's been going down for millennia.

Hope it helps,
HopeSeekr of xMule