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I Saw Alex Jones!

Created: Saturday, June 4th, 2005
18:47:58 UTC
Last modified: Saturday, June 4th, 2005
21:50:58 UTC

Yesterday, I got home from work at 17:30, took Reilly on a short walk, called Paul, got the very-much-expected (because no one hardly ever comes through — certainly hardly ever friends or lovers) cancellation notice, and took off to Austin to see a live screening of Alex Jones' 9/11 March of the Police State. I got there 45 minutes early, and thank God[dess]! There were thousands of motorcycles and all downtown was closed off. I was seriously fretting about founding a parking spot and yet Fate dropped in and a spot opened up right in front of me. Splindiporously, it was four blocks north and 200 feet east from the place.

College students in Austin are just as stand-offish and anti-social with me as the Houston variety but I struck up a conversation about the NWO.

Time spent composing this document: 20 minutes.